Memories made

KFHello. I just wanted to tell you all how much Charlie, his family and Charlie’s beach hut have helped my family. My daughter was born very poorly with multiple birth defects and complex medical needs. We don’t know what the future holds for her and last year was a particularly dark period for us. But last summer we were given the amazing opportunity to stay at Charlie’s Beach Hut. We weren’t expecting what we found on arrival…..we were overwhelmed with the beautiful surroundings and the generosity of Karen, Steve, Freya and of course Charlie. We had such a wonderful time….a chance to get away from hospitals for just a week, and spend time together as a family (for the first time). The time we spent at Charlie’s and knowing what he went through changed us…..we find the wonderful in everyday now and know we are so lucky to have our children here right now. Charlie, you and your family are amazing! Thank you Xxxx

• Waking up to the view of the sea every morning with the sun shining was the wonderful in my stay.
• The sun has shone on us every day – thank you Charlie. We have found a wonderful in every day.
• This week has founded totally overwhelmed after arriving at this beautiful place in such an unbelievable spot.
• Thank you for letting us in on your magical little paradise. A place so beautiful for guests to find their very own wonderful.

The walks, views, accommodation, park and area are truly outstanding and we have had such a perfect few days. It was amazing and we have learnt to reflect on our past and appreciate Finding the Wonderful in Today.  We have had such a wonderful week in Charlie’s amazing ‘Beach Hut’.

We were blown away when we arrived and are so grateful for this opportunity to spend special days together in such an exceptionally beautiful spot. We have spent the week sharing stories and memories about Charlie and he is never been far from our thoughts. We have had a week that we will never forget with lots and lots of ‘wonderfuls’. Our ‘wonderfuls’ started as we drove up the road to the breathtaking view and have kept coming every moment we have been here and every day has given us more ‘wonderfuls’ than we can mention. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to stay at ‘Charlie’s’ – it’s beyond beautiful – we didn’t want to leave! We’ve enjoyed every moment from watching the rabbits in the early morning, to dodging waves, building sand castles, body boarding and kite-flying and have certainly found many ‘wonderfuls’ in every day.

Where to begin – Wow! Our stay here has been truly wonderful. From the moment we stepped into ‘Charlie’s’ we found ‘our wonderful’; the sunsets, the amazing view, the tears at your generosity, the beach, our little boys first ever swim across the pool, the weather….The hut is a beautiful retreat and we will treasure the memories forever. ‘Charlie’s’ is absolutely beautiful – we have had so many ‘wonderfuls’. Being here has allowed us to totally relax and forget about our little ones issues…something I thought was impossible a week ago. More importantly it has given us time to appreciate what we have here and now…that gift will stay with us forever. Thank you for teaching us to ‘Find the Wonderful in Every Day’. An amazingly peaceful and restful place that is clearly a fitting tribute to an amazing little boy.

Thank you for giving my family the opportunity to make memories as a family and spend quality time together. Words cannot express how this week away has given us the chance to re-charge. Charlie has so often been at the heart of what we’ve done this week. ‘Lets do it for Charlie’ became our motto and proved both inspirational and motivational to us all. Watching badgers in the sand dunes on our last night… a perfect way to end an incredible and emotional week.