The Legend Ian Dory

The legend that is Ian Dory Douglas has only got himself interviewed on Express FM this evening talking about his incredible dishwasher challenges. Apologies for the editing but at over 9 minutes long and 60gb in size, it needed chopping down in to 3 bite sized chunks but I think you’ll all agree that Ian smashed the interview out of the park. Don’t forget to check out Ian’s next challenge walking some 60 miles across the South Downs Way 19 – 22 Aug 22 with a dishwasher on his back – amazing challenge! Well done Dors and thank you helping so many families to ‘Find Their Wonderful in Today’.

Coffee & Cake

Thank you lovely Estelle Dolling and all your family and friends. A cracking £149.31 raised at ‘Coffee and Cake for ‘Charlie’s’ with Estelle and all homemade by Stelli too. Charlie’s Beach Hut is super grateful (albeit a little disappointed there was no cake in the bag on it’s return!!) 😂. This will make such a difference – thank you ⭐️

Solent Airport, Daedalus

And there it is! A fabulous whopping cheque presented by the lovely Cathy Hicks on behalf of Solent Airport, Daedalus to Charlie’s Beach Hut. We are humbled and grateful to everyone at the airport for organising such a lovely event and to all the generous local folk who supported it. This money will go a long way in making a huge difference. Thank you ⭐️

Portsmouth Rugby

So this lovely lot, after lockdown, missed playing rugby, being around friends and creating memories. They just wanted to share the enjoyment of going away to play rugby and create cherished memories. A team made up of lads from Crawley, Wales, Yorkshire, Wigan and Portsmouth make the side – all sharing a love for rugby. Organised by Dan Street, this weekend, this amazing lot chose to raise money for Charlie’s Beach Hut in order to help families make their own special memories too.
And that’s not all!!!!….. The team are playing against Rugby Against Cancer on the 4th June 2022 – if any of you are in the area please come down and make some noise with us. 😊 x
Thank you all ⭐️

HMS Queen Elizabeth Fundraising

What an absolute honour! This past year, the Warrant Officers’ and Senior Rates Mess onboard Her Majesty’s Flagship, HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH have been fundraising for Charlie’s Beach Hut. They have managed to raise a staggering £1,500 which is an incredible amount noting the COVID constraints they have been working against. Today, I was invited onboard to meet with Warrant Officer Clint Wheeler and Petty Officer Noddy Slade for a socially distanced, COVID safe cheque presentation. We cannot thank the President – Warrant Officer Cole and the entire Warrant Officers’ and Senior Rates Mess and all their supporters enough for choosing Charlie’s Beach Hut; your fundraising efforts will help so many families to ‘Find their Wonderful in Today’ when they most need it. Thank you so much.